Nearly 250 years of German craftsmanship go into every knife we produce.

Founded in 1769, PUMA has been manufacturing knives now recognized worldwide for their extraordinary quality and workmanship.

With a perfect combination of traditional craftsmanship and sophisticated machinery, PUMA's philosophy is to maintian the high demands expected from the city renown for high quality knives and scissors - Solingen in Germany.

With a perfect blend of meticulous handwork and high precision CNC machinery, PUMA is living up to this philosophy and has become one of the leading manufacturers of hunting, outdoor and fishing knives. Overseen by well experienced technical staff, our knives are produced with this blend to remain competitive on the market while preserving the 240 year-old standard of exceptional quality.

Traditional craftsmanship and the use of high-tech machinery give our knives the greatest level of quality that is expected by our customers. Each knife undergoes careful and precise quality control procedures to guarantee the perfect workmanship for which PUMA has been recognized since its founding.


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